We have invested in a new virtual advertising system, named Rembrandt which creates
high quality, highly stable multimedia content.
The system is the only one on the market
of rendering the advertising content inside the device that receives the TV signal,
and plans to extend this capability to mobile devices and set-top boxes.
The system proposes not just a new service platform but a new business model,
in which the pitch-side advertising spaces within streamed sports events
become available to global advertisers,
and to social media such as Google and Facebook,
for the insertion of virtual adverts.
By offering user profile advertising space via an auction model,
the potential of virtual advertising is revolutionized and vastly increased.

The new Rembrandt opportunity has a potential market valued
– worldwide – 42bn US dollars.
This project applies specifically to soccer game sport that is greatly raising
in China.
Millions of Chinese citizens are fan of the Italian football club: Milan and Inter and they are used to watch the TV shows on their mobile device.

We recently bought the Rembrandt system IPR by the Duel company that has brought the system at the TIR level scale:

The project received a Seal of Excellence certificate by an Horizon Program Commission of expert evaluators.

It is our intention to get the TIR scale level 9 within 15 months , throughout a reliable business plan and complete business plan.
According to the new fiscal Italian law the will enjoy a tax credit equal to 50% of total investments costs.