Sisweb’s mission is the research and experimental development of virtual reality applications and innovative technologies for communication, business, and interpersonal technologies.  

Sisweb, which has been operating for years as a provider of technological services with its own video audio equipment and digital recording systems for television shots, acquired in 2016 the Intellectual Property Rights of two innovative systems developed by Duel S.r.L.

The first concerns the “Rembrandt” system, which introduces a new business model for the use of virtual reality technologies during television shooting of sports events. The system has unique patent-pending capabilities that enable a surprising new business model.
The second acquisition concerns a mobile application that proposes to the tourist a story that is dynamically generated according to what the tourist sees around himself, suitably modulated in time to suit his moments of stop or walk along his itinerary.   
The application uses complex software to manage thousands of very short audio tracks in real-time to construct a linear story synchronized with the movements of the tourist. Together and in parallel with the development of the application software, a methodology has been devised to implement a methodology for writing and indexing paragraphs (which will become audio tracks within the application) that guarantees logical and semantic coherence during the dynamic generation of the personalized story for the tourist.

The iDotto application, created for a guide to the city of Rome, uses this methodology and application software. The implementation of an App for a specific city or tourist area requires the use of software and methodology:

  • The actual writing of textual content, necessarily original because it is obliged to fragmentation of pieces to compose later dynamic way;
  • An adequate “mapping” of the territory, assigning to each area the piece whose contents describe cultural and artistic attractions visible in the area or events that have occurred there or will traditionally be repeated there.

Both systems, though complete functionally, offer new application opportunities and a potential revenue multiplying factor.

Sisweb proposes interesting solutions for new investors who want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the two innovative technological systems, enjoying, in addition, the advantages recognized by recent Italian legislation deriving from the tax credit for research and experimental development activities and the tax reliefs for investments in innovative SMEs.